I live for a good plot twist—in books, TV shows, movies, and more so, in life. Much of what I do is for the story, for the plot of it all. I think life is far more interesting when I stare down my fear and move the plot of my life forward. And of course, that means twists and character development and conflicts and stakes will arise. Life is far more interesting when you’re the main character (Spotify playlist as soundtrack, of course).

Can you tell I’m a novelist?

Even though I love social media, I am now on Substack—plot twist! I’m here because I miss blogging. And I miss the slowness of reading something substantial on the internet, of getting to know someone through their words. I want to remember who I am and why I started writing online, which was to express myself and feel less alone.

I want to share all the things with you here, the way I’ve been sharing online for years. But this time, without the algorithm deciding what is relevant and what isn’t. I want a sense of community and for us to be able to really talk to each other.

I want to talk about the high and the low. The twists and unpredictabilities—and how I navigate them. The human nature of life. Creativity, writing, and artistry. Discuss and dissect pop culture. Talk feelings and earnestness and what it’s really like to grow and change and become new versions of yourself. And the delights of life, too, like getting hyped over Taylor Swift or a really good book or the magic of a walk when you’re in a phenomenally bad mood. Can we talk about fun things like TV shows? Can we also discuss the meaning of existence? I really hope so. Hey, we contain multitudes, so let’s get into it.

Whether you stay here with the free version or upgrade and support this community through the paid version—I’m sure we’re going to have a great time. I’m excited!


As I get my footing here on Substack (and work to promote my debut novel, Main Character Energy), I will likely be a little less consistent. If you sign on for the paid option, at this time, you’ll be supporting my work, able to access the vast archives of posts, and be with me from the beginning as I figure out how else to serve this community. Hope that works for you all!

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What readers say:

“I love *love* your letters and have been reading every letter twice or three times in a row to make sure it actually sinks in. Thanks so much for doing the work you do and making my inbox feel like a bit of a safe space amidst all the other email chaos.” —Liza

“Every week, I save Jamie’s newsletter for a special time where I can sit uninterrupted and take in her way with words and vision. I definitely aspire to write like that - in a way that people will save my words for a moment.” —Katrina

“I know a few folks who follow you and we end up having debrief sessions based on your posts.” —Elita

“My friend and I discuss them during long runs every Saturday. I am sure you are aware of your massive fan club, but I just wanted to make sure you know how awesome and inspiring you are to both me and my friends.” —Taylor

"Your Letters often lead into chats with friends and I feel so many of us are feeling the same way. When I bring up your writing, it encourages a wider conversation within my friend group. It makes us more open. It makes us closer. So, thank you.” —Ami

About me

I’m an author, designer, digital course creator, and creative consultant living in LA.

  • I wrote a bestselling nonfiction book, Radically Content: Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World published by Quarto Books. POPSUGAR called it a “revolutionary memoir.” I also wrote the journal companion, Radically Content: The Journal.

  • A feature film based on Radically Content is currently in progress with Malta-based film studio Lovely Mila LTD. I will be the Executive Producer and consultant on the film. Joanna Quraishi (Family Guy) is adapting the script.

  • My debut novel, Main Character Energy, was published with HarperCollins’ imprint, Park Row Books. Publisher’s Marketplace named it a Buzz Book for the fall/winter season and Kirkus called it a “heartfelt debut.”

  • I created a digital course called Live with Intention that has helped over 1,300 people live more intentional lives.

  • My design, branding + creative consultancy company, Shatterboxx (est. 2009) still takes on very select clients.

  • My work and myself been featured in: HuffPo, Teen Vogue, GOOD, POPSUGAR, Maria Shriver’s Sunday Paper, Sophia Bush’s Work in Progress podcast, The Financial Diet (website + podcast), GOOD, The Everygirl Podcast, The Deep Dive with Jessica St. Clair + June Diane, plus many more.

  • My writing has been shared by millions, including: Camila Cabello, Lucy Hale, Chrissy Metz, Khloe Kardashian, Lil Nas X, Shay Mitchell, Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini, Hayley Kiyoko, Sophia Bush + more


My writing has been featured on Huffington PostFusionComplexMediumThought Catalog, GOODTeen VogueThe Liberty Project, and SF Weekly. I started blogging back when Xanga was still a thing and have been sharing my life online in various capacities for almost a decade. I’ve had at least 6 different blogs over the years, and I’ve written thousands of my most honest thoughts across various websites and media. My writing, across social media and the internet, has reached millions of people.


In 2009, I started Shatterboxx, a boutique creative agency, and have worked with clients such as Bed Bath & Beyond, The Bloggess, Erica Jong, Marie Forleo, Penguin Books, and various others. My primary focus is in designing bold, beautiful brands and creative consulting. Right now, I am only taking on select clients.

Other Projects

In 2009, I was on CNN Live and featured in Fortune for creating a viral website called Twitter Should Hire Me (they didn’t hire me). In 2013, I co-created an online branding course called Brandgasm 101 with copywriter and creative genius Ash Ambirge. In 2014, I built an iOS app called Paper’d that was downloaded over 100,000 times in the first week and a half. From May 2014-May 2015, I was a Senior Writer for Thought Catalog where my writing was read by over 21 million people in just a year.

Where else to find me + contact information

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

Podcast, media appearances, or general inquiries: jamie@jamievaron.com

Literary agent: Samantha Fabien at Root Literary: samantha@rootliterary.com

Publicity/PR for my novels: Leah Morse at HarperCollins: leah.morse@harpercollins.com

Film/TV agent: Becca Rodriguez at Curate: becca@thisiscurate.com

Speaking agency: Authors Unbound

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Jamie Varon

Jamie Varon is a bestselling non-fiction author, novelist, course creator, designer, branding expert, and writer whose has been read by millions. She is, by process of elimination, a multi-passionate creative.